• 2021 Educator Appreciation Day

    In recognition of Educator's Day, the Emory School of Medicine Recognitions Committee sent out a call for nominations for educators across the School of Medicine who go above and beyond the call of duty as teachers and mentors.


    The School of Medicine Recognitions Committee reviewed the outstanding nominations from peers, colleagues, and trainees. Based upon this review process, the School of Medicine is honoring the following faculty on Educator Appreciation Day for their passion and skills to educate, encourage, and support scholars and learners across the School of Medicine.


    These faculty members exemplify the outstanding faculty educators of the Emory School of Medicine. The quotes below were taken from the nomination materials.


    Please join us in congratulating these featured faculty members!

  • Featured Faculty

    David C. Adamson

    Department of Surgery

    "He helped establish a journal club for the neurosurgery interest group and has been present to teach during those journal clubs."


    "He makes sure to involve medical students in research projects which is important for a specialty such as neurosurgery."


    "One of the few neurosurgery faculties that has taken up a classroom role and has been instrumental in bridging the gap."

    Bhavin Adhyaru

    Department of Medicine

    "Took the time and effort to help me complete an observed H&P with the whole team present and managed to make it a comfortable yet challenging learning experience.


    "Tested the limits of our knowledge on rounds with friendly questioning and then taught us the newest evidenced-based data on the relevant topic, tailored to our current level of knowledge."


    "Created a friendly team environment on the wards and took extra time to ensure the wellness of every team member."

    Mirtha Aguilar-Alvarado

    Department of Family & Preventive Medicine

    "She has a passion for teaching. When on inpatient service she has a knack for identifying topics that are both new and high-yield for the team."


    "Dr. Aguilar teaches by example—she always demonstrates great dedication to her responsibilities towards patients and residents. "


    "Personal investment in career advice, thoughtful and very helpful feedback. Dr. Aguilar takes pride and joy in being a teacher and cares deeply about her role as a teacher- and it definitely shows."

    Olamide Alabi

    Department of Surgery

    "She always lends her time and knowledge to surgery trainees and medical students willingly. It is not uncommon for her to schedule in person or zoom meetings with Emory students, Emory residents and fellows, and Morehouse residents. She speaks to us with conviction and always provides excellent guidance. She is a fantastic educator and advocate for all."

    "Dr. Alabi helped organize a vascular surgery simulation session for Emory and Morehouse residents and fellows. It was the best simulation course I have ever attended and it ran seamlessly. She designed this all during the COVID-19 pandemic and made sure we could learn in a safe, open, non-critical environment. Everyone had a fantastic time and we were able to gain hands on knowledge and technical skills in a simulated fashion. We look forward to more programming by her and her team. She is truly an educator's educator!"

    Alhamza Al-Bayati

    Department of Neurology

    "Dr. Al-Bayati is a stand out teacher, taking the time to explain detailed procedures and neuroimaging to residents and students who work with him. He has a true passion for teaching that shines through in his daily teaching on rounds."


    "He frequently organizes after hours thrombectomy simulations to allow for residents to get hands-on practice, despite his ridiculously busy schedule. "


    "Despite his hectic schedule, he always takes the time to teach and engage residents and students. He has gone out of his way to set up workshop sessions for residents with device reps to get hands on training. He is always approachable, kind, humble, and an incredible asset to Grady and Emory Neurology."

    Alaa Aljiffry

    Department of Pediatrics

    "On multiple different occasions, invests in fellows education from bedside to lectures to procedures in CICU."


    "Excellent in teaching how to be a leader and communicator in codes, ECMO cannulations"

    Pooja Amarapurkar

    Department of Medicine

    "Dr. Amarapurkar always brings in “teaching points” for each patient on rounds"


    "Explains difficult concepts in very simple lucid and fun ways"


    "Her PowerPoint presentations on formal teaching topics are exemplary and very easy to remember "

    Monee Amin

    Department of Medicine

    "She has worked on education for hospitalists at the VA, specifically assisting with the monthly education meetings and then taking over running them when a member was on leave. She is adding valuable perspective to the meetings and contributing new ideas that will improve our overall learning environment."


    "She is an active member of our Division's Education Council and was the director of this year's EDHM Teaching Competition."


    "Separate from her duties at the VA, Dr. Amin has co-hosted a podcast about physician wellness (Rescue Page), allowing her to both teach and learn from colleagues from all over."


    "She coordinates monthly education meetings for the VA HMS team."

    Rachel Ammirati

    Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences

    "Residents, postdoctoral fellows, interns, and practicum students describe training experiences with Dr. Ammirati as among the best they’ve ever had. One trainee highlighted that she “is so amazing as a mentor and a supervisor…genuinely invested in her trainees and cares about their development,” and another highlighted that she “modeled a supervisory alliance that I wish to portray in the future.”"


    "Dr. Ammirati created and runs an intensive clinical training elective that provides Emory psychiatry residents, interns, and postdoctoral fellows the opportunity to get certified in the Unified Protocol for Transdiagnostic Treatment of Emotional Disorders, an evidence-based cognitive-behavioral therapy designed to treat a wide range of emotional problems. She reviews every session recording from start to finish, and she always provides incredibly helpful, detailed feedback. "


    "Every year since Dr. Ammirati joined the faculty, at least 1 of 4 health service psychology interns choose her to serve as their mentor for the internship training year. Last year, 2 of 4 interns asked her to serve as their mentor!"

    Tolu Amzat

    Department of Medicine

    "Innovative in the topics and teaching styles for educational conferences at Emory St Joseph's hospital, for the hospitalist group "


    "Led education efforts during a time of covid 19 when hospitalist services were incredibly busy "


    "Runs educational conferences at ESJH and has been innovative and tenacious even with recent busy services "

    Ana Antun

    Department of Hematology & Medical Oncology

    "Engages with learners across disciplines - supporting vascular medicine experience in hematology thrombosis clinic"


    "Dedicated to fellow education at the VA and all areas of benign hematology"


    "Teaches about platelet disorders across Emory Healthcare"

    Vaidehi Avadhani

    Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine

    "Dr. Avadhani is very creative when it comes to teaching. She created a pathology canvas page where she uploaded many interesting cases and videos related to pathology."

    "Great teacher, energetic and up to date on all aspect of pathology, sets high expectations at Grady"


    "Engaged several residents over the years in research projects which were published with residents being the first author"

    Don Batisky

    Department of Pediatrics

    "Dr. Batisky is the Executive Director of Pre-Health Advising for Emory College. In this role, he advises all undergraduates who are interested in a career in healthcare, including writing summary letters of reference when needed. He does this with incredible commitment and caring. He is the first person to hold this role and he has crafted the role for maximum impact."


    "In 2020, Dr. Batisky became director of the 3rd year clerkship in Pediatrics for Emory medical students. He has put together a team of three associate clerkship directors that are working with him to improve the clerkship. "


    "Dr. Batisky has been a long-term Small Group Advisor (Osler Society) for the medical students. He teaches and mentors these students with great skill and dedication."

    Nicole Battaglioli

    Department of Emergency Medicine

    "In her short time at Emory, Dr. Battaglioli has quickly and deservedly become a resident favorite. She is the kind of attending you want next to you during resuscitation of your sickest patient and at brunch after shift. She is a fierce advocate for residents, at the departmental and personal level. She has thoughtfully enacted multiple initiatives for the residency to support and cultivate resident wellness. Her mentorship has not only helped me to become a better clinician, but also extends past the clinical sphere to encompass all those other parts of a person’s life past professional development. I know that I can come to her with any issue, trivial or significant, and she will approach the problem as thoughtfully and passionately as if the problem were her own. She emulates for me the kind of physician I want to be as a woman in emergency medicine. When I look at Nicole Battaglioli, I earnestly hope I’m getting a glimpse into my future."


    "Since her arrival at Emory, Dr. Battaglioli has become an invaluable asset to the residency program. Her academic productivity is rivaled only by her excellent skills as a clinician at the bedside. She is a master educator and is a strong advocate and role model for the residents both on and off of shifts. She encourages resident autonomy and maintains a very strong knowledge of current medical literature."


    "In her short time here at Emory Dr. Battaglioli quickly established herself as a natural leader and mentor and has consistently been one of the physicians I trust for guidance. She is a tireless advocate for the residents and someone I am proud to call a friend. I hope to have many more years to work together."

    Sivan Ben-Moshe

    Department of Medicine

    "Dr. Ben-Moshe is one of the most hard-working educators I know. She prepares extensively for the Aging and Dying module for the School of Medicine to ensure this complex but vital topic is given in a way that is salient and meaningful to the next generation of physicians."


    "Dr. Ben-Moshe is an educator in every sense of the concept - she not only teaches and inspires fellows, residents, and medical students, but also patients and families. She brings them in as active learners in understanding the physical and social dynamics of health in a way so few physicians are capable of. It is clear they benefit profoundly from the time she spends with them teaching."


    "Dr. Ben-Moshe is an incredible teacher in the apprenticeship style of medicine. She takes on one-on-one learners as a preceptor and engages their knowledge base. She challenges them to think not only of the expected but also the unexpected. Most important, she takes them outside of the "box" - the rote memorization we so often engage in during medical training - and pushes learners to apply those concepts in real life scenarios. "How will that medication effect this patient's polypharmacy?" "Walk me through this patient's plan - who will take care of them at home?" She is an incredible physician and even more amazing teacher."

    Tal Berkowitz

    Department of Pediatrics

    "Dr. Berkowitz serves as a dedicated ultrasound mentor to trainees and faculty in the pediatric emergency medicine and emergency medicine departments. He goes out of his way to spend extra time in the department with trainees to teach this skill."


    "Dr. Berkowitz is an rising star in the ultrasound/global health arena and collaborates with trainees with shared interests."

    Nirav Bhatt

    Department of Neurology

    "Dr. Bhatt goes above and beyond to educate the residents and fellows. He has a great talent to simplify the Neurovascular anatomy and makes it easy to understand for all learners."


    "Mentoring: Dr. Bhatt has the ability to mentor residents, fellows and medical students. He has successfully helped several trainees in the field of neurology. He has been excellent at being able to get trainees to complete projects."


    "Dr. Bhatt is able to make learners understand very complex topics and get them interested in the field. He is able to even teach patients about their complex conditions."

    Jason Brown

    Department of Medicine

    "He volunteers a lot of time on nights and weekends for fellows, residents, and medical students of all levels for mentoring and advising. He’s known by trainees as a “go-to” faculty member and cares deeply for all levels of trainees, putting words into action for them."


    "He delivered a successful GI Core Lecture series for the Internal Medicine residents that was very well received. He utilized a novel format for brand new material, and he successfully conducted it entirely over ZOOM (due to the pandemic)."


    "He created a special rotation for a medical student who was interested in rotating in GI. The experience has now grown into the creation of the first medical student GI interest group to apply for a charter at EUSOM, for which he will be the faculty advisor."

    Hila Calev

    Department of Medicine

    "Hila brings incredible enthusiasm to her role as an educator. She's one of our new, dynamic faculty members on our teaching service and she's already in the process of developing new lectures to teach to our EUH hospitalist team."


    "Despite being new, she has already taken on a very active role in our Division's Education Council."


    "Leading as a site clerkship director for medical students at EUH"

    Lisa Cassani

    Department of Medicine

    "Dr. Cassani is actively involved in curriculum development for endoscopy via ASGE training committee."


    "As the VideoGIE co-quiz editor, she makes CME/board type questions with images provided thru the endoscopic videos to use as teaching tools."


    "She has also been the director of multiple endoscopic hands-on courses for 2nd/3rd year fellows and the First Year Fellow course with the American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy training center, Digestive Disease Week, and American College of Gastroenterology."

    Jordan Cattie

    Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences

    "Dr. Cattie prioritizes my success as a trainee and professional. She listens to my interests, helps to build awareness of my areas of growth, and seeks out aligned opportunities for me. For example, she helped me become a board member of OCD Georgia this year based on my values of advocacy and accessibility."


    "As a supervisor, Jordan is responsive to her supervisees’ needs for support. Recently she responded to a consultation request by chatting with me for nearly an hour the same day. Her counsel improved my patient care greatly."


    "Jordan models how to be an effective team leader, by encouraging all team members - trainees, MDs, PHDs, social workers - to participate in team meetings and case conferences. This improves patient care, training efficacy, and team cohesion."

    Joshua Chandler

    Department of Pediatrics

    "Dr. Chandler is a wealth of information and he uses his knowledge to teach and assist others in any way possible."


    "Dr. Chandler consistently sacrifices his time and efforts to strive for excellence both inside and outside of the lab, thus, in turn, pushing everyone around him to do the same."


    "Dr. Chandler is the epitome of patience, determination, and focus. He is an outstanding scientist and collaborator and is making his mark here at Emory as a faculty member by propagating the university's values and standards of exceptionalism."

    Shen Chen

    Department of Medicine

    "She runs educational conferences for the site – creative, board style interactive sessions."


    "Developing a niche in evidence based medicine."


    "She serves on the Emory Division of Hospital Medicine education council."

    Angela Cheng

    Department of Surgery

    "Dr. Cheng has become the face (literally) of virtual education in plastic and reconstructive surgery throughout the nation. She was quick to adopt and run with the technology."


    "She has the skills and confidence to allow residents to try different techniques and plans if they've evidenced carefully thinking and planning in their preoperative evaluation."


    "Dr. Cheng gave a memorable lecture on lip reconstruction over this past winter which was a resident favorite. It showed the specific application of principles to address problems, sometimes in novel and unconventional ways."

    Shanelle Clarke

    Department of Pediatrics

    "Dr. Clarke has made a tremendous effort in organizing learning sims for e-CPR in the CICU making a measurable impact on the quality of care."


    "Dr. Clarke was instrumental in establishing the cardiac academy to teach nurses ICU and cardiac physiology topics. She revamped the curriculum and was able to bring other physicians to help enrich the lessons for nurses"


    "Dr. Clarke is a dedicated EMPACT mentor to medical students and has moved our organization to recognize equity and inclusion issues in education and practice"

    Jason Cobb

    Department of Medicine

    "Dr Cobb has an excellent ability to get Nephrology knowledge to all levels of learners. He has spearheaded the movement of teaching residents and fellows at Emory."


    "He has served as a great mentor and successfully published several projects that he has guided fellows to complete"


    "He is very loved by medical students. He has a unique ability to use the latest social media tools and appeal to learners at all stages. His lecture delivery is exceptional!"

    Kimberly Curseen

    Department of Family & Preventive Medicine

    "Dr. Curseen is passionate about teaching all learners."


    "Dr. Curseen serves as a formal mentor each year in the palliative medicine fellowship, is the primary preceptor in the longitudinal clinic for another fellow, and serves as an informal mentor to the other fellows."


    "When faculty are in need of peer mentorship, they often turn to Dr. Curseen."

    Sarah Debrey

    Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences

    "Dr. Debrey is one of the best clinical teachers on the junior faculty in our Department. Residents consistently comment on her in-the-moment teaching skills and how much they learn from her clinical judgement as they discuss challenging cases."


    "Dr. Debrey was recently named co-director of the PSTAR (Persistent Symptoms: Treatment, Assessment, and Recovery) Clinic at Grady where she works with individuals with persistent symptoms of psychosis. In this clinic, she works directly with residents and medical students who praise her clinical teaching during patient encounters as well as her didactic teaching during clinical supervision."


    "Dr. Debrey has recently taken on giving a series of lectures in the Psychotic Disorders module for the PGY1 and PGY2 residents. Reviews of her lectures from the residents are outstanding and speak about how engaging and high-yield her talks are."

    Christopher Dente

    Department of Surgery

    "Strong proponent of resident autonomy, in and out of the operating room"


    "Consistently leads educational conferences for the residents and medical students at Grady"


    "One of the Dept. of Surgery's premier educators"

    Chris Dudley

    Department of Emergency Medicine

    "Dr Dudley is a master of low-fidelity simulation for procedure training. He combines creativity and enthusiasm with laundry baskets and Jello molds to make sure our residents get the training they need."


    "Dr. Dudley has created highly innovative simulation models to reproduce rare, but high stakes medical procedures such as chest tube models, lateral canthotomy models and cricothyrotomy models which not only train residents but protect patients."


    "Routinely volunteers to educate a broad range of learners from NP students to medical students to residents and fellows."

    Boadie Dunlop

    Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences

    "Dr. Dunlop takes the time to share evidence based practices for pharmacological treatment."


    "Dr. Dunlop creates a very open environment and encourages discussion and resident input in clinical decision making. He is by far the best educator in our department."


    "Dr. Dunlop goes out of his way to share the newest clinical research with residents in his clinic. He is easily accessible and very responsive to questions from residents. He is very passionate not only about teaching but also clearly cares deeply about his patients. He models excellent patient care and evidence based treatment."

    Hughes Evans

    Department of Pediatrics

    "Dr. Evans meets personally with every medical student who is applying for residency positions in pediatrics and takes a personal interest in their situations."


    "Dr. Evans is highly invested in the success of the students in her small groups, and serves as an advisor, cheerleader, and trusted resource to each of them."

    Robert Fang

    Department of Surgery

    "Dr. Fang lets trainees think through problems rather than just telling them the solution, he pushes trainees to define a plan and not just list options"


    "This past summer, Dr. Fang reviewed the topic of hand anatomy -- which is often vexing and filled with multiple structures and algorithms. He used a form of Jeopardy to keep the residents engaged throughout the lecture."


    "Conducts teaching rounds and takes the time to point out physical exam maneuvers (an oft neglected part of being a physician nowadays)"

    Negar Fani

    Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences

    "Masterful supervisor in helping learners understand the complex relationship between patients with complex trauma and significant medical histories"


    "She mentors graduate and undergraduate students in research (including her own laboratory) across departments in the School of Medicine (Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences), the Laney Graduate School (Psychology and Neuroscience Programs) and Rollins School of Public Health, which has led to numerous publications and student grant awards, including dissertation grant awards and SURE fellowships. She has received a departmental award for outstanding science mentorship"


    "Highly sought out invited speaker on multimodal assessment of attentional dysregulation in PTSD and neurobiological effects of racism"

    Babar Fiza

    Department of Anesthesiology

    "Dr. Fiza has brought point-of-care ultrasound into the ICU's, teaching the fellows, APPs, residents, and attendings so that we can all use this modality to advance patient care. He has such a wealth of knowledge though is able to teach all of us-whether novice or expert, he is a patient and passionate teacher."


    "He is recognized by his trainees to be a great teacher and mentor. He is always approachable, always willing to teach. He received the critical care teacher of the year from the graduating fellows in 2020."


    "Dr. Fiza is a relentless advocate for his trainees. He is always willing to listen. His leadership and listening ear were essential in maintaining trainee well-being during COVID-19 when he led monthly fellow check-ins and is always available for support whenever needed."

    Purnachandra Nagaraju Ganji

    Department of Hematology & Medical Oncology

    "Dr. Ganji has been an excellent mentor for me throughout my volunteering journey at Winship Cancer Institute. "


    "Dr. Ganji made me see the shortcomings of my work and enabled me through his constructive criticism."


    "Dr. Ganji has always assessed my manuscript with precision, patience and kindness."

    Bashir Geer

    Department of Medicine

    "Co-leading efforts for developing and sustaining an annual "procedure day" for annual faculty education in procedural medicine at EUHM."


    "Enthusiasm for interaction with residents and students and respected as an excellent ward teacher"


    "He rotates on teaching service – enthusiasm for working with learners"

    Laura Gilbertson

    Department of Anesthesiology

    "Her calm confident style of teaching during the most difficult clinical crisis is an inspiration to her colleagues and fellows."


    "Dr. Gilbertson is the Director of Education and offsite radiology program at CHOA."


    "She was the educator of the year for our division this year."

    Alison Gizinski

    Department of Medicine

    "She has designed an intensive curriculum for the fellows that prepares them very well for the rheumatology boards."


    "Her commitment to the fellows never waivers."


    "She is very involved in the rheumatology fellows' continuity clinic at Grady- helping with their education, schedules, and streamlining referrals to make the experience better for the fellows' education."

    Stephan Goebel

    Department of Medicine

    "As junior faculty, I have appreciated the continued support of someone so knowledgeable and full of experience. Whether it’s assistance in completing a difficult procedure, input on unique pathology (even after hours by phone/FaceTime), reviewing difficult cases or providing guidance on navigating your career, Dr Goebel is always there and always helps. I feel incredibly lucky to have him as a mentor and feel he truly deserves this recognition."


    "Dr. Goebel goes above and beyond in his role as a mentor to the junior faculty. Without hesitation, he is always available to discuss a difficult case, provide a second opinion for an endoscopic procedure, or teach new skills on tackling difficult cases. He is more than our "boss" or section chief, he is a mentor and teacher."


    "No matter how busy he is or how many meetings he has, he is willing to help you out with an endoscopy"

    Grace Gombolay

    Department of Pediatrics

    "Dr. Gombolay serves as an exemplary clinical research mentor for our pediatric neurology residents. She readily invites residents to join in on her research endeavors and coaches them through writing manuscripts and abstracts/posters for submission to national conferences. It is her personal goal to help each pediatric neurology resident publish an article prior to graduation."


    "Dr. Gombolay takes time to teach trainees and faculty about common and uncommon neuroimmunology conditions in pediatric patients. She has given grand rounds and noon conferences on the subject. She has additionally provided our trainees and faculty a clear algorithm to follow when evaluating a patient with a suspected neuroimmunology disease and has created treatment protocol guidelines."

    Erin Grady

    Department of Radiology

    "Uses multiple teaching approaches well suited to learners"


    "Represents the specialty of nuclear medicine on the national stage"


    "Thoughtful and caring mentor"

    Michael Greenwald

    Department of Pediatrics

    "Dr. Greenwald came up with a Town and Gown Grand Rounds idea that featured speakers on a given topic from academia and from the community setting, giving the audience diverse perspectives to learn from."


    "Every year, Dr. Greenwald hosts the Department of Pediatrics Fellows teaching competition. He invites interesting judges from outside the department and even outside the school of medicine to allow for unique styles of evaluating these short talks by fellows. This has become a popular and well-attended annual tradition."

    Kathy Griendling

    Department of Medicine

    "She was an amazing career mentor during the inaugural Emory Underrepresented in Medicine (URIM) Faculty Development Program"


    "She is currently leading the Junior Faculty Development Course 2021"


    "Great lecturer for postdocs and early faculty to understand the promotion process at Emory"

    Joshua Guttman

    Department of Emergency Medicine

    "Since Dr. Guttman joined the Department of Emergency Medicine and took over the Ultrasound Fellowship, we have developed a national reputation as the program of choice. We have filled our fellowship positions each year and continue to stay in high demand."


    "Whether at the bedside or in front of the powerpoint lecture, Dr. Guttman teaches with a passion. He is able to relate the topics in an understandable manner. Whether a beginner or advanced learner, he is able to teach at anyone's level."


    "Josh serves as the fellowship director for Emergency Ultrasound within the Department of Emergency Medicine. Through his work, he has revamped the program, and the program is one of the first to receive Advanced Emergency Medicine Ultrasonography (AEMUS) fellowship program accreditation by the Emergency Ultrasound Fellowship Accreditation Council (EUFAC) in the nation. His involvement nationally in a number of committees directly contributes to this success."

    Jamika Hallman-Cooper

    Department of Pediatrics

    "Dr. Hallman-Cooper does an excellent job engaging medical students and trainees in active learning. At the beginning of a rotation week or clinic session she asks trainees their learning goal for the week/day and makes sure she covers the topic or skill. During didactic sessions she uses audience response systems, role play, etc to facilitate learning. She constantly welcomes undergraduates and medical students into her clinic to show them how much fun learning about neurology can be. "


    "Dr. Hallman-Cooper takes time to make sure she thoroughly explains conditions and treatment plans to her patients and their parents or caretakers. By properly educating her families she empowers them to take control of their disease process and adhere to treatments."


    "Dr. Hallman-Cooper is passionate about educating her local community. She frequently gives talks about cerebral palsy to area physicians, therapists, and patient family groups. She has more recently been providing education to local churches on the COVID vaccine."

    Joya Hampton-Anderson

    Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences

    "Supervises Psychology interns on child, adolescent, and young adult cases through the Emory Child and Adolescent Mood Program. Also gives yearly didactics to psychology interns on topics related to contextual considerations for working with African American families in therapy and contextual stress and anxiety in African American youth."


    "Dr. Hampton-Anderson has given lectures to Emory Psychology graduate students on topics such as “Mental Health Ramifications of the COVID-19 pandemic for Black Americans: Clinical and Research Recommendations” and “Contextual Stress and Anxiety in African American Youth: Prevalence, Assessment, and Intervention”"


    "Dr. Hampton Anderson has served on national mental health panels covering topics on Black Mental Health, diversity, and clinical psychological science."

    Lara Harik

    Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine

    "Dr Harik is the co-leader of PEACE (Partnership of Emory and Africa for Cancer and Education), a yearly curriculum to African pathologists on topics picked by the African institutions, for continuing medical education and elevating patient care with attention to local resources."


    "Dr Harik is chair of the education committee of the Georgia Association of pathology and in that role she has initiated many educational platforms for all pathologists in GA, some of her contributions include the GAP VIrtual Pathology Presentations (bimonthly), Virtual Annual Full day Meeting and Virtual Pathology half day course"


    "Dr Harik has mentored a lot of her junior colleagues and provided them with loco-regional and international speaking opportunities, in addition to helping them navigate the workload and work life balance."

    Jessica Harroche

    Department of Gynecology & Obstetrics

    "Dr. Harroche has been critical in creating a mentoring program in the gynecology department for trainees."


    "She trains fellows, residents and medical students in all Urogyn settings."


    "She will often go out of her way, spending extra hours to teach and mentor trainees."

    Megan Henn

    Department of Emergency Medicine

    "She is a gifted mentor. She mentors and advises students interested in Emergency Medicine from both Emory and Morehouse. She impacts countless lives with her ability to connect both professionally and personally with the students."


    "The pandemic forced us to change how we teach. Dr. Henn was able to quickly pivot to on-line education which was still stimulating for the student. The reason she was able to adjust so quickly is that prior to March 2020 she was already using teaching methodologies that downplayed the typical didactic lecture and incorporated self directed and small group learning."


    "Residents love working with her, stating she is "supportive, engages in discussion when needed, approachable for questions, and gives good feedback in the moment.""

    Oswaldo Henriquez

    Department of Otolaryngology

    "An exemplary mentor to residents and medical students"


    "Makes education a priority and creates innovative environments!"


    "Created a virtual platform early in the pandemic to allow medical students opportunities to learn about common otolaryngology pathology"

    Audrey Jernigan

    Department of Medicine

    "Best described as a "shining star" in medical education - in her short time as a hospitalist at EUHM, already named as site clerkship director for M3 students at EUHM"


    "Took the lead on enabling the correct technology in the physician work room to allow for faculty education conferences to restart after covid pandemic as a source of education and camaraderie for the EUHM hospitalist group"


    "She delivers great talks when on wards for students/residents as well as delivering talks for capstone for students."


    "Audrey has incredible enthusiasm for education, case conferences, creative teaching techniques for students."

    Maan Jokhadar

    Department of Medicine

    "Dr. Jokhadar is a clear role model as an educator, teaching all levels of medical trainees as well as staff in cardiology. His thought provoking style with historical anecdotes leave an impression on most of us. He is truly a master educator!"

    Prem Kandiah

    Department of Neurology

    "A passionate medical educator, he introduced us all to the concept FOAMed (free open access medical education) and is a knowledgeable resource for the best blogs, videos, podcasts in critical care. You can even find him on twitter: @Capt_Ammonia (Seriously.) He’s so invested in making education engaging and dynamic that he’s taken improv comedy classes, just so that he can bring the core improv principles of spontaneity and “yes, and” into critical care simulations. He hosts these simulation sessions on his off weekends and invites a multidisciplinary group of fellows, nurses, and respiratory therapists to participate. Building from a comedic foundation that puts all participants at ease, these sessions not only optimize medical knowledge, but also foster teamwork and communication. This is classic to Prem’s nature – promoting academic excellence by making things fun, even a little goofy."


    "As an exceptional proceduralist, Prem is excellent in every aspect of ICU care. He promotes this ideal for his fellows, too. But (as always), makes the attainment of this standard fun. When he’s “bored,” he designs “merit badges” which are hand-drawn patches that signify a fellow has earned a special procedural competency. These include patches for bronchoscopies, intubations, and caring for patients with hepatic encephalopathy (Prem’s specialty). It’s like Boy/Girl Scouts, for fellows! He’s even hand-made an ultrasound training device that allows us to practice cannulating under ultrasonographic guidance during down-time in the ICU."


    "As a fellowship director, Prem is personally invested in the growth and development of each fellow. He is available for advice 24/7, and happily takes calls from us even at odd hours in his off weeks. But beyond just being a clinical advisor, he takes great care to know and understand each fellow personally. For example, he tailors each fellows schedule to reflect their experiences and needs. Moreover, at every chance encounter, his first words are “Are things going well?” “How can I make the experience better for you?” "

    Malavika Kapuria

    Department of Medicine

    "Taking over the sub-I program for Hospital Medicine at Grady, assisting medical students get acquainted with the program and guiding them through the rotation"


    "Educating other hospitalists on medical updates and gold standards"


    "Taking time to educate patients and their families on their medical issues"

    Ajay Kasi

    Department of Pediatrics

    "Dr. Kasi is an excellent teacher and mentor. He is very patient, kind, and has mentored several residents who later pursued pediatric pulmonology fellowship, pulmonary fellows, and even new junior faculty. He is very inspiring, passionate about teaching, especially the application of physiological principles to treat lung diseases."


    "He has mentored several residents and fellows to perform their first clinical study, write their first conference abstract, present their first poster, and works patiently and in a systematic way to mentor trainees to write each section of the manuscript until completion and eventual publication. His commitment to resident and fellow education and teaching skills makes him an excellent educator."


    "His presentations during pulmonology fellows’ conferences and other lectures are well-attended and commendable. He makes even the complicated topics easily understandable, and this makes him an excellent teacher for which he received the Teaching Award from the Department of Pediatrics. He frequently receives invitations from other departments and institutions to lecture on pulmonary topics."

    Erin Kim

    Department of Medicine

    "Dr. Kim has taken the lead at the Atlanta VAMC for the past several years in coordinating Education Activities with the local Hospital Medicine Section"


    "Coordinates educational conferences at the VA medical center and excellent VA ward attending for medical residents and students"


    "Dr. Kim has been an effective communicator and coordinator with the entire Division of Hospital Medicine with engagements such as Chairing the Visiting Professor Subcommittee, Membership in the Clinical Vignette Sub-Committee, and Membership in the Education Council"

    Wilbur Lam

    Department of Pediatrics

    "I can definitely say that he is the most supportive supervisor ever. He is 'always' available and ready to help with my research projects and career development. To explain, I can communicate with him through emails, slack, weekly individual meetings, and even phones. He also waits for me to learn which makes me feel relaxed enough to get motivated."


    "He connects me to a lot of resources (including personnel networks and research tools) that I can utilize to actualize my ideas about research and career. Sharing my interests and ideas with him gives me the chances to make them come true. I can feel that he strives to bring the best education suitable for me."


    "He emphasizes honesty, no hierarchy, and persistence. He shows those values by himself beyond just verbally communicating them. I can learn how I can also embody those values."

    Dawn Laney

    Department of Human Genetics

    "Ms. Laney is the Director of the Genetic Clinical Trial Center and spearheads genetic counseling graduate students' rotations and research in this capacity. She personally makes sure any research mentees in the Center are able to come with the team to the International Lysosomal Storage Disease (WORLD) Symposium each year, without any cost to the student."


    "Ms. Laney is such a great mentor and teacher that three of her past genetic counseling graduate students have chosen to join her team as employees after graduating."


    "Ms. Laney teaches a separate 8-week course on Developmental Biology each Fall, in addition to her leadership role in the Emory Genetic Clinical Trial Center, and was awarded the 2016 Paul M. Fernhoff Excellent in Teaching Award for her class."

    Megan Lawley

    Department of Gynecology & Obstetrics

    "Dr. Lawley has established herself as a leader in education by taking on many administrative roles in educational programs in her short time as Emory faculty. She is an Assistant Clerkship Director for Ob/Gyn Clerkship; a Clerkship Site Director, an Assistant Program Director for the Fellowship in Complex Family Planning, and the Director of the Kenneth J. Ryan Residency Training Program in Abortion and Family Planning. She is integrally involved in the educational framework of Emory Obstetrics and Gynecology for medical students, residents, and fellows."


    "Dr. Lawley’s learners are overwhelmingly grateful and complimentary of her teaching efforts in the clinic and on Labor and Delivery. Comments about Dr. Lawley’s teaching style are universally positive and her learners genuinely enjoy working with her."


    "Dr. Lawley teaches a wide audience of learners, from both within the Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics and as visiting lecturer in other departments, including Rollins School of Public Health and the Emory SOM Department of Human Genetics."

    Mary Jo Lechowicz

    Department of Hematology & Medical Oncology

    "She mentored me to the achievement of two career development awards, and a young investigator award"


    "Mentors junior faculty for in unique heme malignancies leading to career development awards and international collaborations"


    "She has mentored numerous medical students and helped them in the choice of their specialty"


    "Created a new first week to introduce the Class of 2024 to SOM during pandemic"

    Gerald Lee

    Department of Pediatrics

    "Course director for Emory medical school immunology curriculum, with significantly increased satisfaction since his appointment."


    "Recently appointed as the Chair of the Office of Medical Education, American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology"

    Jeff Linzer Sr.

    Department of Pediatrics

    "Dr. Linzer has been an active member in ACEP and GCEP and mentored several faculty members who have become leaders in both the regional and national platforms."


    "Billing and coding is an area often overlooked within curriculums and Dr. Linzer has worked tirelessly to educate and provide feedback to faculty on documentation practices that impact patient care and safety."


    "During the early days of the COVID pandemic, Dr. Linzer exemplified pure dedication to patient care. He recognized the risks but stated that he would not change his practice of sitting in the room, as many had, because it would impact the care to his patients."

    Liang Liu

    Department of Emergency Medicine

    "A brand new faculty who is respected for her ultrasound education. She is sought after by our own residents and by students, residents and fellows from multiple departments and programs. If this was her full time job she would be working 100 hours per week to keep up with the demand."


    "Provides a significant amount of bedside teaching to resident and medical students on their emergency ultrasound rotation. She has tremendously improved the quality of the education provided on the rotation and the feedback provided by the learners is exemplary."


    "She is extremely intentional about her teaching. She carefully plans out her sessions."


    Daniel Lubin

    Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine

    "Dr. Lubin is our residency rotation director, at the head & neck pathology group at Midtown. He is currently working to start an online resource for our rotating residents on Canvas, which will include quizzes, publications, and other learning resources for residents! He is passionate about teaching and creates a kind, fun and supportive environment for residents!."


    "Dr. Lubin has been a key peer mentor for me (the head & neck pathology Instructor) this year. He is willing to drop everything and come look at frozens or thyroid cases with me, and he pushes me to become a better pathologist with every interaction! He is gentle and supportive when I make mistakes!"

    Michael Maceroli

    Department of Orthopaedics

    "Dr. Maceroli has taken a personal interest in the education of the junior residents while on their Ortho Trauma rotations at Grady. Despite not having an official title as an assistant program director or the like, he has taken it upon himself to provide us all personalized feedback on a regular basis, and work with each of us on our personal improvement goals. This has undoubtedly made an enormous difference on the quality of our rotation, and the amount of intellectual and professional growth that has occurred over the course of the academic year."


    "Dr. Maceroli is a fantastic teacher in the OR. He has an amazing ability to walk you through surgical cases step-by-step, and allow you to do the majority of it (or pretty darn close!). This definitely helps to instill confidence, especially in junior residents, and aids in learning much more than when a particular step or case is taken away from you because you are struggling. Dr. Maceroli lets you struggle - but gives you wonderful advice for how to not struggle the next time"


    "Dr. Maceroli consistently demonstrates his mentorship by supporting his residents; he advocates for residents, and is the first one to come to bat for us if we are in a bind. In my opinion, it is a true demonstration of leadership when you know you can rely on your boss/superior to support you and advocate on your behalf."

    Jimi Malik

    Department of Family & Preventive Medicine

    "Very enthusiastic and methodical teacher"


    "Brings a fresh perspective while being open to the ideas of others"


    "Interested and available mentor"

    Manpreet Malik

    Department of Medicine

    "Dr. Malik's passion for mentoring and teaching POCUS at Grady through our Procedure Service is inspiring. He has recruited, and continues to recruit, colleagues across the division to the wonders of POCUS. At Grady, he meticulously recruits colleagues who are interested in POCUS and procedures and makes it his mission to ensure their success. He comes in early, stays late, and even comes in on his days off, which is amazing given his works outside of the hospital, to teach/strengthen his colleagues' abilities. Truly an inspiration to us."


    "Even on his non-SCA (senior clinical adviser), he makes sure to answer junior faculty’s medical questions and sends us references for up to date care"


    "He goes above and beyond for all learners, including writing his cell phone number on a wall in the call room for all to use at any time. He introduces himself to all the residents and medical students, and is always available to educate and help them in any way he can."

    Lauren Marcewicz

    Department of Family & Preventive Medicine

    "Dr. Marcewicz has been the best professional mentor I've ever had. She takes this role seriously, prioritizing time together and tending to both academic and personal concerns. A true role model in the field."


    "She always makes time for teaching. Talks are interactive and incorporate multiple learning styles"


    "Dr. Marcewicz is just a mensch and a great doctor. A pleasure to spend time with and someone you want on your team"

    Erica Marshall-Lee

    Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences

    "Dr. Lee is a remarkable supervisor, teacher, social justice advocate, and human being. Whether she is supervising, teaching, or advocating, she strikes a balance between compassion and humor with clear and consistent direction. As a supervisor, Dr. Lee has helped uncover a level of confidence in myself that I did not know existed. She inspires me to be a more effective and competent supervisor, leader, teacher, therapist, and social justice advocate. She pushes me to think more critically, systemically, and holistically about the consumers we serve at Grady. Additionally, Dr. Lee effortlessly models how to effectively communicate, resolve conflict, negotiate, and provide constructive feedback. She has heavily influenced my current supervisory and teaching style that I will continue to use in my career."


    "She consistently dedicates her time and energy to supervise and train residents, med students, interns, practicum students, and postdoctoral fellows to treat, diagnose, and advocate on behalf of individuals with serious and persistent mental health concerns."


    "Dr. Marshall-Lee consistently ensures that her trainees receive well-rounded, developmentally appropriate, excellent quality clinical experiences to help them meet their personalized training goals."

    Akanksha Mehta

    Department of Urology

    "Tireless advocate for resident needs"


    "Actively seeks to create pipelines for URM trainees"


    "Seeks to continue her own training on teaching practices and sets examples for others to do the same"


    "Promotes the development and recruitment of URM trainees"

    Gregory Melikian

    Department of Pediatrics

    "He went above and beyond on getting me a spot in the lab during Covid 19"


    "He exposes me to numerous research areas expanding my expertise "


    "He devised a curriculum that allowed me to be involved in a wet and dry lab."

    Keith Michael

    Department of Orthopaedics

    "Dr. Michael consistently rounds on his own patients each weekend (regardless of if he is on call). He often arrives before his residents and fellows, and has frequently seen his patients beforehand as well! He has also been known to print his own scripts, pull his own drains, and even write a progress note or two. His team-based approach to patient care is exemplary and sets a high standard for the department and University as a whole!"


    "Dr. Michael assists in coordinating frequent cadaver labs for the spine fellows and residents. He seeks out residents that may have an interest in spine, and consistently gives everyone an opportunity to get their hands dirty."


    "Dr. Michael is one of the Orthopaedics Department's best teachers both in and out of the OR. He has even won a department award in the past for educator of the year! He has an amazing knack for being able to describe how to perform complicated tasks and surgical maneuvers; he makes every single resident feel confident and at ease regardless of their training or skill level."

    Taniqua Miller

    Department of Gynecology & Obstetrics

    "Dr. Miller has been a member of the Emory DOCS program as a GYN/OB Career Advisor since 2015. In this role, she created the "Virtual Career Advising Series" for students applying to GYN/OB Residency during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Recognizing the limitations of the traditional, in-person one-on-one mentoring during this time, Dr. Miller created a student and faculty collective. The students met with the career advisors and invited guests to go through the application process, including preparing for virtual interviews, getting started with personal statements, and maintaining wellness during a very stressful time. Dr. Miller also coordinated faculty to offer students mock interviews in the virtual setting to prepare."


    "Dr. Miller leads a mentorship group for our Ob/Gyn residents, a role she has been in for 10 years. She has been an advocate for her mentees and a voice of encouragement to them as they navigate a rigorous training program and prepare for their futures as physicians"


    "Dr. Miller is a department leader for Diversity and Inclusion in education. She has been actively involved in committee work to influence the recruitment of trainees from diverse groups. Additionally, she is working to design and implement a system for mentorship and development of junior faculty members."

    Olivia Minkhorst

    Department of Emergency Medicine

    "As director of the EM resident experience at Emory University Hospital's ED, Dr. Minkhorst serves as an enthusiastic teacher, a compassionate resident advocate, and a role model for our residents."


    "Dr. Minkhorst's positive energy on shift, in the simulation lab, and the classroom creates an ideal learning environment."

    Brittany Murray

    Department of Pediatrics

    "Dr. Murray has been an incredible research mentor for me and other global health-minded students and trainees. She has mentored me through the entire research process, and we have so far published 4 peer-reviewed articles together."


    "Dr. Murray is heavily invested in the pediatric emergency medicine fellowship. She lectures us often on topics ranging from how to be a good presenter/educator, dealing with death, and global health."


    "Dr. Murray has exemplified the importance of collaboration - within her department, across schools and institutes at Emory, and around the world."

    Stella Nelms

    Department of Rehabilitation Medicine

    "Along with her demanding clinical responsibilities Dr. Nelms dedicates time to educate, train, and supervise neuropsychology externs, interns, and postdocs on cognitive behavioral therapy skills to treat anxiety, depression, and chronic pain."


    "Dr. Nelms is an expert in her field and has been invited to provide lectures on topics related to the psychological components of chronic pain."


    "Dr. Nelms is an engaging instructor who is dedicated to teaching and is invested in her students' learning. She currently teaches interpersonal communications for 1st year Physical Therapy students."

    Nancy Newman

    Department of Ophthalmology

    "Has mentored more than 65 fellows in Neuro-ophthalmology and has created a Neuro-ophthalmology school that is internationally recognized"


    "Innovative teacher who came up with original ways to teach neuro-ophthalmology in the form of very practical case-based presentations both at bedside, in the clinic and in the form of entertaining lectures"


    "Dedicated educator whose clinical and research activities are organized in a way to enhance teaching opportunities for learners and trainees. The best mentor there is!"

    Janice Newsome

    Department of Radiology

    "Education must occur beyond the formal setup. Dr Newsome exemplifies this everyday. One specific event I remember is when a student was returning for procedural service after a long absence. Before they left the rotation, they were checked off to have met the competency for central access. On their first day back, they were assigned a central line access it that unfortunately developed a complication. The student left for home devastated. Dr. Newsome was able to pick this up and went to the student's home, saving them from harming themselves. She is always looking beyond the formal interaction with students, and is relied on by many to help navigate career or daily challenges."


    "Dr. Newsome is not one to shy away from out of the box ideas to bring innovation into medical education. Every year, she organizes a women’s health lecture on fibroid care in partnership with Obstetrics and Gynecology. Year in year out, she invites patients to share their experience for uterine fibroid embolization. These sessions are frequently rated highest by the medical students who get an opportunity to “see the whole patient.” The panel also includes patients with complications and side effects to complete a 360 view of IR and women’s health on fibroid care."


    "As the Society of Interventional Radiology-sponsored Grants Educating Medical Students (GEMS) program pivoted to a 6-week virtual curriculum last year, Dr. Newsome was instrumental in helping recruit 29 under-represented minority faculty to provide mentorship, education and inspiration. She dedicated time from her rigorous academic schedule, providing two lectures and acting as moderator for nearly every session and delivered a keynote presentation on the role of innovation and women’s health, prioritizing anti-racist efforts, empathy driven care, patient advocacy, and wellness. Following her presentation, one student commented, “Dr. Newsome’s lecture was the most inspiring and thought-provoking talk I have seen in all of medical school.”"

    Kahra Nix

    Department of Emergency Medicine

    "Dr. Nix is an excellent teacher. She teaches learners on the emergency ultrasound rotation in a way that makes the content very easy to grasp for a new learner. She has an incredible ability to put learners at ease and gets them excited to learn. The learners feel that everyone learns together so they get excited about the topic at hand. "


    "Dr. Nix has revamped the emergency medicine ultrasound curricula. She shares her passion for teaching with a wide audience of learners including medical students, PA students, emergency medicine residents, off service residents and critical care fellows. She goes above and beyond to ensure the best rotation experience for all learners."

    John Oshinski

    Department of Radiology

    "Dr. Oshinski is extremely committed to the training of students, and takes extra care to make sure that students completely understand the material. He is an excellent instructor, and makes the material easy to grasp for students of varying experience levels."


    "Dr. Oshinski is an exceptional mentor. I personally was in a difficult situation a few years ago, and Dr. Oshinski gave me very helpful advice on how to approach my situation. He cares about his students and truly goes above and beyond to help them when needed."


    "Dr. Oshinski always makes himself available to meet with students, and he consistently provides exemplary guidance on research projects and activities. He is a role model for his students in balancing academics, research, and life outside work."

    Cathleen Peterson-Layne

    Department of Anesthesiology

    "Dr. Peterson-Layne expanded the education program in the Department of Anesthesiology to include robust continuous medical education. Over the course of a year, she created a weekly Grand Rounds program to replace an antiquated program that had Grand Rounds presentations only four times each year! She established a visiting professor program that has thrived using a virtual format during the COVID pandemic."


    "Provided one on one teaching, hands on training to a resident who was struggling to perform in the clinical and academic arena "


    "Dr. Peterson-Layne was a driving force in the redesign of the entire education program for Anesthesiology residents at Emory."

    Varun Phadke

    Department of Medicine

    "Dr. Phadke works tirelessly each year to completely revise the MANY lectures that he gives the medical students. He ensures that they are targeted with the level of knowledge necessary for a medical student to master and works hard to create slides that convey his main points in a visual format that aids comprehension."


    "Each week, one of our Infectious Diseases fellows gives an hour-long presentation on recent cases that they have seen at our "Case of the Week" conference. Dr. Phadke always spends time giving detailed feedback to all of the fellows who send their slides to him ahead of time for review. His responses are always very thoughtful regarding how to frame the clinical question appropriately."


    "Educating our department on critical issues in clinical reasoning."

    Meena Prasad

    Department of Medicine

    "Dr. Meena Prasad has a passion for teaching GI fellows endoscopy techniques"


    "Dr. Prasad has worked to develop the IBD program at the VA and enhance the fellows’ medical knowledge regarding the comprehensive care of IBD patients"


    "A comment from one of our fellows about Dr. Prasad-"You inspire us to become better gastroenterologists""

    Kara Prickett

    Department of Otolaryngology

    "Over the past year, I have learned tremendously much from Dr. Prickett as my research mentor and Principal Investigator on a clinical trial that we conducted together. Dr. Prickett is, in every way, an exceptional mentor. In 2020, even though I was an undergraduate, Dr. Prickett took on a study I proposed to evaluate a new preoperative education resource for pediatric patients. Through our research, she helped me develop a range of new competencies, yet treated me like a full collaborator and respected my ideas. She struck the perfect balance between encouraging me to work independently and supplying me with insights and constructive feedback to improve my work. Dr. Prickett chaired my honors thesis committee at Emory, and her mentoring strengthened my communication and critical thinking abilities. She also let me observe her in the operating room and urged me to ask questions, which cemented my plans to pursue a career in pediatric surgery. The opportunities that Dr. Prickett gave me have been formative for my education and future. I am deeply grateful and excited to continue working with her."

    Nikhila Raol

    Department of Otolaryngology

    "I took a chance with a data science internship with Dr. Raol. I utilized R programming to retrospectively evaluate treatments of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), a prevalent illness that degrades an individual’s cardiometabolic health. When I began the internship, I came to realize that the research project would require graduate-level modeling techniques. Dr. Raol consistently advised me through my studies of R and facilitated my understanding of advanced concepts so that I could produce powerful models that produced conclusions about OSA treatment that were both clinically relevant and statistically accurate. Dr. Raol showed me that results from our linear mixed models would be utilized to create better treatment plans for CHOA’s pediatric patients. This challenged my view of computer science as devoid of human interaction; rather, it is a tool that can be used to bolster understanding of clinical cases. In my CHOA Internship, Dr. Raol has passionately and consistently developed a strong passion for data analytics within me, and she has been extraordinarily supportive in my studies of R."


    "As a clinical intern at Helping Hands, a small community health center in Georgia, I knew that smaller clinics were plateauing in patient care efficacy. Based on my work with Dr. Raol, I knew that this disparity in resources could be mitigated by data analytics and informed decision-making. With Dr. Raol’s help, support, and resources, I launched Vejovis Analytics, a non-profit organization that empowers community health centers with data-driven solutions. Dr. Raol has tirelessly worked with me to develop the organization, attending the non-profit meetings and advising graduate and undergraduate students from Emory and other universities on their clinically-relevant projects. Her work has allowed a large group of students to contribute to research with real-world results. Her work in Vejovis Analytics is indicative of her passion, her care, and drive to support the people around her while helping the world."

    Diego Remolina

    Department of Medicine

    "Dr. Remolina is the lead physician for our rotating residents. He works hard to make the rotation meaningful for them."


    "Dr. Remolina hosts medical students through OPEX and teaches them critical Geriatrics skills."


    "Dr. Remolina has given lectures to the Latinx community to help spread awareness of COVID in the elderly population."

    Erin Rosenberg

    Department of Anesthesiology

    "Dr. Erin Rosenberg is the foundation of our pediatric anesthesia fellowship program. She constantly works hard to ensure our learners receive a world class education."


    "She consistently provides helpful insight and practical solutions to challenging situations during very busy operating day schedules."


    "Welcoming of new ideas and ways to care for patients with colleagues. She goes above and beyond everyday to make fellows and residents feel special."


    "Dr. Erin Rosenberg personally spends time with new learners to teach them life skills. She goes above and beyond to make them feel welcomed in our department."

    Winfield Sale

    Department of Cell Biology

    "Win deserves this recognition for many years and measurable outcomes from his leadership and dedication to teaching in Embryos,Tissues and Cells (ETC) and mentorship of so many successful trainees."


    "Win has been an example for what inclusion means: he has always been invited to teach in ETC and given tools to be successful in teaching to a wide range of members from our community, including post-docs and instructors to new faculty."


    "Outstanding teacher who effectively catalyzes student learning of the important concepts of topics he is teaching."


    "Win has been doing an outstanding job teaching first year medical students histology and cell biology for nearly 35 years. Not only does he give multiple formal lectures, he also gives small group sessions with the students so that they can learn how to examine histology first hand."

    David Schuster

    Department of Radiology

    "Has never ending resources for research fellows, residents and medical students in terms of research"


    "Extremely patient and puts the need for teaching and mentoring over personal time "


    "Excellent mentor for young trainees and faculty, leads the way and gives a leg up to everyone who needs it"

    Aarti Sekhar

    Department of Radiology

    "Dr. Sekhar is not only a fantastic lecturer, but perhaps most appreciated by residents and fellows is how purposeful she is in her daily teaching at the workstation by showing interesting cases to all trainees, asking appropriate questions by level of training, and tying together clinical, radiological, and histopathological information in a way that is relevant to each case."


    "Dr. Sekhar's interest in physician wellness translated into formal and informal talks have proven extraordinarily impactful with residents and fellows who see in her a role model providing us with innovative ways to prevent burnout."


    "She runs a highly educational national case conference in abdominal imaging every week, which I have learned a lot from!"

    Vahid Serpooshan

    Department of Biomedical Engineering

    "During my time doing research I have had a handful of amazing mentors, however Vahid has stood out as the most inspiring, innovative and caring mentor and advisor that I have ever had. Vahid goes above and beyond the requirements that he has to his students, specifically in his hands on approach to applying for grants and scholarships. He offered me his full support in many opportunities and thanks to his great input and advice I received the American Heart Association scholarship. In addition, Vahid also mentored me through very difficult applications like the NIH F31 application and many others. Vahid has been the best mentor and advisor that I have had in my career to make me a better scientist and innovator."


    "Vahid has shown me many times his deepest interest for my learning and advancement in my PhD. Specifically for the preparation of my qualifying exam he offered me dozens of hours of his time to discuss my particular questions and to mentor me on areas of weakness. Apart from being there academically for me, Vahid was also there emotionally and always had my best interest in mind, stressing the importance of staying balanced and being able to incorporate exercise into my daily routine so that I could have more energy and feel better. These types of actions are what make me realize that I am very lucky to be under the mentorship of a brilliant scientist and teacher that not only cares about my success but also my mental and physical health."


    "Since I have known Vahid, he not only has acted like a great mentor to me but has also spent countless hours investing in me as a mentor to my undergrad students. He has emphasized helping my students succeed as well by me supporting them in their scholarships and internship opportunities. Vahid has helped my undergrad student be involved in a lot of different projects that have helped her gain great publications at her young age. Vahid has always shown remarkable investment for helping his students, whether that's in the classroom or the laboratory. And part of the teaching he provides his trainees is to do the same and to learn to be a great mentor by example."

    Gabriel Sica

    Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine

    "Dr.Sica goes above and beyond to educate pathology trainees, especially during Covid via zoom"


    "He has high standards, high expectations, always gives constructive feedback and values hard work"


    "He mentored several pathology trainees on various research projects that were presented nationally and internationally. He always has great ideas and engages interested trainees."

    Susan Smith

    Department of Anesthesiology

    "Dr. Smith redesigned the Anesthesiology residency education program, making it one of the most innovative and comprehensive in the country."


    "Dr. Smith guided the Anesthesiology residency program through an expansion to a 4 year categorical residency (that includes internship) from a 3 year program."


    "Dr. Smith guided the Anesthesiology residency program and fellowships through very successful Matches during the past year."

    Jessica Spencer

    Department of Gynecology & Obstetrics

    "As the Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility (REI) fellowship program director, she has improved the fellowship immensely in the last six years, re-formatting didactics to cover ABOG learning objectives and being among the first nationally to transition to ACGME."


    "Dr. Spencer is incredibly supportive of her fellows and division faculty both professionally and personally. She is my biggest advocate to shape my career to be both professionally productive and happy. I would not have my career without the support and mentorship from Dr. Spencer"


    "Our division has six faculty physicians, four of whom trained in the REI fellowship at Emory, which speaks volumes about the type of environment that Dr. Spencer creates around her."

    Jennifer Spicer

    Department of Medicine

    "Dr Spicer has completely revitalized the Internal Medicine residency's Core curriculum. She has created a longitudinal lecture series as part of the Y-week didactics to ensure that all residents have access to this curriculum. The program is in its first year of implementation but is already widely popular with the trainees."


    "Dr Spicer is a superb one-on-one educator. Rotating with her in her HIV-primary care clinic at IDP was one of the most instructive formative experiences in my medical training. She is quite adept at focusing on a high-yield teaching point for each patient encounter so the learner can focus their efforts."


    "Consistently takes time to both formally educate residents through didactics while also giving them constructive feedback on their clinical skills and presentations."

    Lena Ting

    Department of Biomedical Engineering

    "A respected mentor and advisor who not only practices what she lends to the professional, but helps students to excel to even greater professional paths."


    "Just plain ole' down to earth - a genuinely nice professor/person"

    Beth Tong

    Department of Medicine

    "Beth is always flexible with precepting medical students in the clinic. She routinely precepts APC (M3) students, is always willing to take on extra precepting sessions, and filled in for a colleague to complete the second half of OPEX (M1-M2) for a student during COVID."


    "She created an interactive preventive medicine talk for the APC students rotating in our clinic that has been well received."


    "Beth has also made time to supervise Preventive Medicine residents in clinic and is in the process of creating an M4 Preventive medicine elective."

    Smyrna Tuburan

    Department of Radiology

    "She's an excellent teacher and explains very difficult concepts in ways that are easy to understand."


    "She's also got great life advice and helps you navigate some non clinical but very important aspects of medicine"

    Bradley Wallace

    Department of Emergency Medicine

    "As assistant program director, he has brought enthusiasm and creativity to his role in overseeing the intern class from orientation through second year."


    "Successfully instituted a remediation program for EM residents that has grown to include an additional faculty member yielding successful intraining exams."


    "One of our most innovative lecturers, Dr. Wallace delivers impactful talks that truly engage the audience."

    Mark Walsh

    Department of Surgery

    "As assistant program director, Dr. Walsh takes the extra time to get to know each resident on an individual basis"


    "Dr. Walsh pushes trainees beyond the rote memorization to the application of surgical principles whether in the operating room or lecture hall -- he has the residents talk through their surgical solutions to complex problems"


    "He leads by example and asks for each member of his team to take the time to help educate those around him as well, he pushes medical students to give a talk on their most memorable case when they finish their rotation"

    Nick Willett

    Department of Orthopaedics

    "Dr. Willett fiercely supports his students and will advocate on their behalf to ensure they have the support they need."


    "Dr. Willett goes above and beyond in teaching his class, Interfacing Engineering Technology and Rehabilitation, to engage students in active discussion and apply their knowledge to design therapeutic strategies to improve patients' quality of life."


    "Dr. Willett continually inspires excellence in his lab by putting the people of the lab first. By showing lab members that he cares for their wellbeing, he motivates them to be happy and productive members of the lab."

    TaRessa Wills

    Department of Medicine

    "Co-leader and innovator in DEI education - includes monthly site meeting education on issues pertinent to DEI, organization of multicultural appreciation through lunch shared by hospitalist members, includes DEI book club"


    "Fantastic educator on wards for residents and students - excellent at assessing learner performance, particularly for struggling learners and providing specific directed feedback, support and coaching to guide learners with enthusiasm and encouragement"


    "She known as a fantastic evaluator and teacher on wards for medical residents and students, has been instrumental in helping learners in need to develop their skill sets"

    Daniel Winkel

    Department of Neurology

    "Dr. Winkel does a fantastic job of running the M2 Neuroscience module. He is also engaged in bedside teaching of the third and fourth-year medical students, Neurology residents, and neurophysiology fellows. He is a dedicated and enthusiastic teacher, a real asset to the SOM!"

    Liza Zwiebach

    Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences

    "Dr. Zwiebach mentors psychiatry residents in cognitive behavioral therapy and exposure therapy, and her enthusiasm for these treatments is inspiring and infectious."


    "Dr. Zwiebach has supported me as a supervisor and mentor as I have treated multiple patients with complex mental illness, and her support has been invaluable."


    "Dr. Zwiebach treats residents with kindness, respect and empathy. I feel that I can discuss my concerns and struggles openly with her, and I will be met with support and guidance rather than judgment."